03 December, 2021
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Psychiatrist Treatment has served an average of 913 outpatients per month. The role is to provide outpatient psychiatric assessment and treatment, psychological assessment and treatment, and counseling for outpatients and inpatients. The service is run by Psychiatrists and Medical Officers as well as Psychologists and Counselors with the support of Nurses.



Determining patient management in terms of assessment, counseling, and psychotherapy care is carried out as needed.
Provide education on mental illness to patients and their families as well as treatment and rehabilitation measures carried out for outpatients at Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta.


Treatment Services.

  • Psychiatric Specialist Clinic.
  • Consultation by Psychiatrists and Medical Officers for new referral cases and follow-up referral cases by appointment.
  • Walk-In Clinic.
  • Every day working hours for new referrals and old patients who fail to keep appointments or experience ‘relapse’ or other problems.
  • Monthly Injections / ECG And Blood Checks Every Working Day.
  • Islamic Religious Affairs Service.
  • The service provides appointment dates for cases Discharged from the ward & Community Psychiatric Unit.
  • Provide an appointment on the reference case of JPJ (Road Transport Department) for an IQ test.
  • Outpatient Clinic For Members.
  • Quit Clinic.
  • Health Screening for members aged 40 and above.
  • Surgical Clinic once a month.
  • Physician Clinic once a month.
  • Psychiatrist Visits to Hospitals visited:-
    - Kampar Hospital
    - Kuala Kangsar Hospital
    - Hospital Sg. Snails
    - Batu Gajah Hospital
  • Psychiatrist Visit to Health Clinic:-
    - Manjoi Health Clinic
    - PSR Kg. Simee
    - Pasir Pinji Health Clinic
    - Gopeng Health Clinic
    - Kampar Health Clinic
  • Mental Health Learning & Promotion Services:-
    - Consultant Psychiatrists & Medical Officers involved in the In-Service Training Program at Bahagia Hospital.
    - Consultant Psychiatrists and Medical Officers are involved in giving talks related to mental health in schools and also during study visits to Bahagia Hospital.
    - Provide training to health personnel from primary health.
    - Giving talks at conferences and also non -governmental agencies.
    - Consultant Psychiatrists provide guidance to trainee doctors as well as Post Graduates.



  • Clinical Research
    The study was conducted by a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist and Consultant Psychiatrist. All U29 Nurses working in the Specialist Clinic as 'Study Nurse'.

  • Continuous Learning (CME)
    - Attend CME at Hospital Ipoh every Friday of the first and third week - 'Continuous Medical Education (CME)' at Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta every Tuesday.
    - Attend seminars, symposiums, and conferences.
    - Video screenings or talks by guest speakers from within and outside the country related to the latest treatment for mental illness organized by the HBUK Member Medical Education Organization.

  • Clinical Weekly Meetings and Mortality Review
    Held every Tuesday from 9.00 am - 10.00 am.

  • Psychoeducation class
    Every Monday to Thursday from 2.30 pm - 3.30 pm in the CRT room.

  • library
    - Provide computer program facilities for staff
    - Store important documents and books for reference by HBUK members

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